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Little red riding hood

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while now. It first started as class project given to me by one of my best teachers, the illustrator Orit Bergman. I’ve made the third one last week and I hope to make some more of them. I was very inspired by the the traditional woodcuts and traditions of the Black forest area in Germany. It’s been a while since I last visited the area and I suppose I kind of miss it.

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E-book anounced!

“Nina’s day out” has been anounced! So… no I only need to finish working on it…


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Nina and Roomie on a swing

After a few days of constant animating and back and forth working, I’ve almost finished giving life to two more illustrations of mine of the up and coming e-book for toddlers I’m making with touchoo. I have to admit it’s challenging to work within the framework of limited sizes. I did it last year when I created my first flash game. I’ts nothing like working on a film in which you are not at all limited by anything except time and expenses…

Here is another sneak pick of my story. This time on a swing.


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Nina and the Birds

This week I’ve been illustrating and animating something new each day.  Adding one illustration to a project I’ve already made illustrations for, one new project…more about the other projects soon, but in the meanwhile – a sneak Pick to my e-book. This is the first illustration out of it that I animated.

I showed it to one of the Touchoo guys, he said it looks cool. So I’m kind of happy and will keep on animating.

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my first e-book

This is the first day to a new project I’m now working on – an e-book for toddlers, made for a young promising company called Touchoo.  I wrote a little story about a young girl named Nina. She is going to play outside accompanied by a creature friend I named “Roomie”, though his name is never mentioned on the text. What ever is is Nina does, He does, but only slightly differently…

As it turned out, creating an e-book is a large scale mission and it involves everything I learned as an illustrator, everything I learned as an animator and a few more things I’ve learned in the department of visual communication’s interactive classes.

I’ll keep up records from the process itself as it develops.

“Stairs to no end” – a film by Daniella Koffler

“The stairs of knowledge leads to the light.  a curious girl in a dark world tries to reach it, but must face those for whom the light is an obstacle”


Directed by: Daniella Koffler

story and script: Daniella Koffler

produced by :Eitan Shefer and Daniella Koffler

Animation: Daniella Koffler and Anat Costi

original soundtrack : Eitan Shefer

Technical dirctor: Amit Rojtblat

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