the image after.

I recently graduated the Bezalel academy of ats and design. “Recently” being July 2011.  My graduation film “Stairs to no end” was then a part of the school exhibition, and started it’s independent way in thefestival  world officially on 16th November 2011, in Zinebi film festival in Bilbao, Spain.

As for me, I’m on my way. On my way to finding my way in the world, and this blog is going to be a part of that path, I hope.All I know is that I graduated by now 3 separate times, and never knew what i was going to do next. This time is a bit different, because I have found in the department of animation in Bezalel a path to follow – The path of the creator.I by now know I’m an animation director, an art director, an illustrator and that I’m fascinated by telling stories in all creative ways.  I’m on a path, to find the images that would suite me, the images that will describe me. I’m on the path toward finding my own image, after 10 years in universities and art school.

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