My new Way


eureka i found it. For some time now, two things were on my mind:

1.How do I sell my art?

2. Will I ever make another film?

So the answer for the first is starting on Galleries, but also on my new website:

I’m selling one-pieces and limited edition art works there. They are I guess considered Shadowboxes as well.

More to come on that subject.

My home

As for the second question – O yes… ! my new film with animation director Uli Seis is now begining it’s production.

here is our teaser:



Tiny something I wish I had….
nothing like that here… just sunshine all over…

Stairs to no end


“The stairs of knowledge leads to the light. a curious girl in a dark world tries to reach it but must face those for whom the light is an obstacle…”

A few weeks ago, I uploaded my graduation film from the Bezalel academy of arts and design online. I was very lucky to be favorably reviewed by a blog I’ve been reading for years “Short of the week”, and get elected Vimeo staff pick.

The film can be seen in this link here.

It has it’s own website too: where more art and info can be found.

“stairs” was up until now screened at 10 festivals. The summer festival season has just began so I’m hoping for more…

feel free to spread the word around.

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Little red riding hood

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while now. It first started as class project given to me by one of my best teachers, the illustrator Orit Bergman. I’ve made the third one last week and I hope to make some more of them. I was very inspired by the the traditional woodcuts and traditions of the Black forest area in Germany. It’s been a while since I last visited the area and I suppose I kind of miss it.

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E-book anounced!

“Nina’s day out” has been anounced! So… no I only need to finish working on it…


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Roses and Stars forever

Today’s checklist:  I’ve  animated Nina and Roomie planting roses and a star, respectively.

Before that I took care of stuff for the out-and-coming publication of my graduation film. Almost there, just need a website for it.

I guess everything I do right now is like planting seeds of things and not quite knowing what might grow out of them….


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Nina and Roomie on a swing

After a few days of constant animating and back and forth working, I’ve almost finished giving life to two more illustrations of mine of the up and coming e-book for toddlers I’m making with touchoo. I have to admit it’s challenging to work within the framework of limited sizes. I did it last year when I created my first flash game. I’ts nothing like working on a film in which you are not at all limited by anything except time and expenses…

Here is another sneak pick of my story. This time on a swing.


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Nina and the Birds

This week I’ve been illustrating and animating something new each day.  Adding one illustration to a project I’ve already made illustrations for, one new project…more about the other projects soon, but in the meanwhile – a sneak Pick to my e-book. This is the first illustration out of it that I animated.

I showed it to one of the Touchoo guys, he said it looks cool. So I’m kind of happy and will keep on animating.

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my first e-book

This is the first day to a new project I’m now working on – an e-book for toddlers, made for a young promising company called Touchoo.  I wrote a little story about a young girl named Nina. She is going to play outside accompanied by a creature friend I named “Roomie”, though his name is never mentioned on the text. What ever is is Nina does, He does, but only slightly differently…

As it turned out, creating an e-book is a large scale mission and it involves everything I learned as an illustrator, everything I learned as an animator and a few more things I’ve learned in the department of visual communication’s interactive classes.

I’ll keep up records from the process itself as it develops.